Top 5 Free Apps to Watch Movies on iOS

Movies are the favorite past time activity for almost all humans. Be it horror, romantic, comedic or thrillers – everyone like to enjoy good scenes in their free time. In a world where everything is going online, now even you can watch your favorite films online via streaming or through mobile apps on your smartphone. Here are the top 5 free applications which allow you to watch Hollywood films on your iOS devices:


Top 5 free applications to watch Movies:

Movie Box App for iPhone

The MovieBox App for iPhone is one of the best apps available on the iOS App Store if you want to watch movies for free. This mobile application allows you to download and watch a number of super-hit, classic and retro cinema films across many different languages free of cost. These are able in a number of genres and you can even download them to your device to view them later on.

Bobby Movie Box

Another mobile application which is only available for iOS users is the Bobby Movie Box. This application allows you to watch all your favorite films and TV shows from all over the world in high definition quality. With a very friendly and attractive user interface, the users will be easily able to navigate the app to find what they are looking for. The app only has a single downside – commercial ads. These ads are displayed by the developer to help them generate an extra revenue.

Playbox HD App for iOS

One of the most popular free movie streaming apps is the Playbox HD mobile application for the iOS devices. This free app allows the users to stream and download films in high definition. You can also watch a number of TV Serials and other videos besides films on this application. You can find a number of different genres of films available on it in a number of different languages.

MegaboxHD and Movie HD

Movie HD or Megabox HD ( also allows you to watch your favorite latest and old movies via online streaming or by downloading them onto your smartphone. This app contains a wide variety of movies across various different categories and genres in a number of different languages. The long range of languages and diverse film list makes sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this app no matter where they live. This mobile application contains films across various different genres including horror, thrillers, romantic, comedy and sit-coms.


Crackle currently has over 25 million users using it and is one of the best applications to watch online content on. You can easily watch TV Serials and videos on it although it is very famous for the wide range of movies it contains. It also allows you to cast the full length Hollywood movies and other content on the app to your Television via the Google chromecast. Also, you can save it on your playlist and watch them at a later time whenever you are free.