Choosing The Best Dash Cam For Your Car

We have always believed the proper way in choosing the right car dash cam for you is not about the brand but the features and specification of the unit. Some of the factors that you will consider is the coverage, power source, resolution, memory, size and budget.


Coverage – most car dash cameras are forward facing. But you always have the option for a secondary camera that can be mounted inside for a cabin view or at the back for a rear view. The good thing for cabin cameras is that everything inside the car is recorded where some have used the recordings in clearing themselves of false accusations of using a mobile phone while driving. Rear dash cams are quite effective in recording especially in a rear end accident.

Internal Power Source – you can either choose battery or capacitor. But you should take note as these are not meant to run your unit. Instead they only function if primary power fails. All dash cam operates on a 12volt power. Batteries are common in cheaper units. However, they are prone to the wear and tear of frequent charging and discharging of the unit and they are not adaptable to extreme heat. Capacitors are more adapted to hot environments so this is a good consideration if you are living in this kind of condition.

Resolution – do you need 720p, 1080p, 1269p or higher? We highly recommend that you get a full HD camera where it can be very useful in making out the details during a playback. Most of the cameras are 720p or you can choose a HD cam with 1080p. The latest models out in the market have a resolution of 1269p or higher. Just remember, the higher the resolution the better the recordings will be.

Memory Capacity and Memory Cards – you must take note of this as some cameras does not come with a memory card. Most of the problem occurs in buying a memory card where confusion sets in what kind of memory card will you buy. You should note that some cameras can only support up to 32GB while high end models can go as high as 128GB. You should also consider the class rating of a memory card where some are not suited for HD recording.

Size – some dash cameras are compact and do not have a touchscreen which can be subtly mounted and hidden. Some units that have larger touchscreens requires space in your windshield. So, it is up to your desired specification in choosing the right size.

GPS capability – cameras with this feature have a dual function with speed overlay. This can be very useful in tracking your direction and speed. But you will need software to embed the data in the video as most of the GPS’ and speed data needs to be hardcoded.

Lastly, on the price. We recommend to determine first your budget and work on what the specification is. But it is good to note that car dash cams range from £50 up to £500 or more. The trick here is to check different sellers to get the best dash cam uk, as some cameras are known to fluctuate in price to as high as £150. The cheapest model should not be your primary choice as most buyers who bought the cheapest units end up buying another unit with upgraded features and higher specification.