Why do Beach Volleyball Girls wear Bikinis at the Olympics

Women’s volleyball at Olympics has gained huge prominence in recent times and is considered as one of the highest watched games owing to its brilliance and controversies. Women perform stupendously in the game and their play is remarkable but apart from the performance and the beauty of the game, it bags humongous attention owing to the head-turning uniforms. Women at Olympics mostly wear bikinis which has caught the sight of all spectators. There have been criticisms and flaks on the women’s outfits of wearing a bikini but the primary reason behind the dress code is simple and just.


  • Women’s volleyball is unfortunately shooting to limelight for the uniform of the athletes but nor for their performance and play. Bikinis have buzzed the media with controversial questions where people question on the dress chosen by the players. The main reasons why athletes prefer to wear bikinis during volley ball matches at Olympics is simple and absolutely rational. It is mostly because the players find themselves comfortable to play in bikinis than in full sleeves or tank tops. It does not define any fad statement but it is purely about comfort and that they want to.
  • The athletes are also allowed to wear full sleeves or shorts and tank tops but women generally prefer bikinis since it does not allow the sand to stick around their bodies which can get uncomfortable and thus disturb the game.
  • Volleyball athletes do not view the bikinis as fashionable apparel but consider it just as a uniform. There has been news reported that players were allowed to wear a swimsuit or long sleeves tops apart from bikinis to make the dress code more liberal from their cultural and religious aspects. Also, Women athletes swore to bikinis at the RIO Olympics due to the extreme heat of the climate. It made them more comfortable to play the match in the two-piece rather than in long sleeves being all sweaty!
  • Volleyball at Olympics has not laid any stringent rules or norms about mandatory uniforms for the players but it is liberal and open. Women can choose from a bikini, long or short sleeves or a tank top but the players in both the teams must wear identical uniforms. Hence bikinis or any other dress for women athletes at Volley ball is a choice and not a requirement.

Many players have admitted the fact that during beach volleyball the temperature shoots up to 100 degree plus which is extremely hot and scorching. Hence, they find it easy and comfortable to pick a bikini rather than a long sleeve or tank top and shorts just like the best women’s volleyball shoes here which provide comfort while playing.

This is solely confirm to the comfort level and not any attempt of charming. They can also wear long sleeves or tank tops depending on their choice. Public should be liberal and hold a rational and educated outlook to understand that a bikini is a perfect sports fit when it comes to bear the heat and sand while playing an Olympic match.