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Kimball Farm is a working family farm that has been in the family since 1820. We now have three generations working the farm.

From 1820 to 1977 it was a dairy farm, but when Leonard had a tree-falling accident we had to sell 160 head of dairy cattle. Since that time, we have raised beef cattle, llamas, pigs, and chickens. Tyler and Lori now operate a feed and equipment business called Kimball Farm Feeds, Inc. that supplies over 7,000 products to New England farmers.

Llamas were added in 1986 and have become a huge tourist attraction. Be sure to visit them across from the farm. We used one along with sunflowers for our first maze and this year we are featuring all the animals we raise. We have a beef cow, a draft horse and a llama across the top part and a pig and chicken at their feet.

When Leonard suddenly passed away in 1997 we had thirty-six, but now we are down to thirteen and they are guaranteed a home here for as long as they live. Many people come and visit them every day.

The draft horses, beef cattle, pigs and chickens are loved by all of us and they complete the operation.

Kimball Brick House -

Historic Landmark

Kimball Farm Activities


Welcome to Kimball Farm!

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Boston Strong Corn Maze

Come and check by yourself our amazing design  when you try to find your way out.

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Haunted Maze


Come visit us for your scary adventure!

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Haunted Corn Maze

Our Haunted Halloween Maze takes place in a separate cornfield and is among the scariest in the area.

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Hunted corn maze

Schedule Private Hay rides & Sleigh Rides for your Special Occasion
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Hay rides & Sleigh rides

Hey rides and Slide rides

Members make a commitment up-front for an entire growing season by buying a "share" of the farm's production. In return, farmers provide members with a fresh supply of vegetables from each week's harvest and protein.

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CSA (community Supported Agriculture)

community supported agriculture

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