How To Keep Your Child Safe in The House

How To Keep Your Child Safe In The House

Even though we take additional precautions in our houses to keep children safe, accidents can be inevitable. The scary part is that while minor cuts and bruises are only the smallest injuries that they can sustain; accidental death is also a very real possibility. Here are some simple but useful tips on how to keep your child safe in the house, whether you have kids or you often entertain guests with the kids. By looking room by room for potential dangers, you can avoid problems. For more information related to this article, check out the website.

1. Various parts of the house

Buy electric socket covers and put them in wall sockets that are not in use. Attach your furniture to the wall using anchors or brackets so that they won’t fall onto children who climb onto them or bump into them. When children play games, jumping onto things is one of the things they do. It is important that you keep tables and chairs away from areas underneath windows to keep them from falling out. The top and bottom of stairs in a multi-level home should be equipped with safety gates so that children won’t be tempted to go up or down. Children can get strangled in the looped cords of window blinds, so be sure to replace them.
2. Kitchen
Don’t leave poisonous chemicals like cleaning products lying around, store them in cabinets instead. You can also keep children protected further by affixing safety latches on these cabinets, especially if they are located within children’s reach. When children are around, remember to cook using the back burners. Also, children might get curious to see what you’re cooking, so be sure to turn the pot handles to the wall. When children are in the kitchen, make sure that the kitchen utensils and appliances are in the middle of the kitchen table or counter, not on the edge where they can fall and hurt the kids.

3. Bathroom
If you keep a pail in the bathroom or the shower and young children are around, either maintain the bathroom door closed or empty the container. Many incidents have occurred in the past where all it took was an inch of water for a child to drown. Curling irons, hair dryers, and other similar appliances can cause electrocution to both children and adults if they come in contact with water, so be sure to put them away after using them. Any bathroom cabinet that is used to hold bathroom cleaning products should have a safety latch on it. Medicine cabinets hold prescription pills, ointments and other things that can poison children if they ingest them, so be sure to lock this cabinet as well.
4. General precaution
• Every home should have a fire extinguisher. Mount it on a wall and be sure that everyone knows where it is located. Check it on a regular basis to be sure that it has maintained its charge. Recharge or replace as needed. Emphasize with your children that in a case of fire, their job is to leave the house and not to try to put out the fire with the extinguisher.
• All children reach the age where their games include exploring the house, and this can get them sometimes injured, even if adults try to keep watch on them. Any home has the potential to pose physical health risks to children, so parents will need to practice precaution to keep their children safe without hampering their desire to discover.

• Every home should have not one, but several working batteries operated smoke detectors. Ensure that there is a detector on every floor and it’s a good idea that one of those is located in the hallway outside bedrooms. Check the batteries frequently and test the smoke detectors once a month to be sure they are working. Make it a habit to check them say the first Sunday of each month.
• If your home has a furnace, it’s a good idea also to have a carbon monoxide tester installed. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, and therefore it’s impossible to detect its presence before it’s too late. Again check that it’s working properly on a regular basis.
• If you have a home with rooms on a second floor, have an escape ladder located in each bedroom attached to the window and train your kids to use it.

With the safety equipment in place, it’s time to talk. Sit down as a family and plan a family fire drill. You can get more information about what to discuss and how to practice your plan from your local fire department. If you have children, then it will come as no surprise that many things can present a danger to your child right in your home. You can make your home safer by ensuring that it is equipped with some essential safety equipment. Then have family discussions about what to do in the case of an emergency. Also be sure that your children know how to use the phone to get help. A good way to practice is to have them know the Emergency numbers in your area. Make sure they can say their address when asked where they live. Having safety equipment and knowing what to do in an emergency are two important ways to keep your child safe.

Why do Beach Volleyball Girls wear Bikinis at the Olympics

Women’s volleyball at Olympics has gained huge prominence in recent times and is considered as one of the highest watched games owing to its brilliance and controversies. Women perform stupendously in the game and their play is remarkable but apart from the performance and the beauty of the game, it bags humongous attention owing to the head-turning uniforms. Women at Olympics mostly wear bikinis which has caught the sight of all spectators. There have been criticisms and flaks on the women’s outfits of wearing a bikini but the primary reason behind the dress code is simple and just.


  • Women’s volleyball is unfortunately shooting to limelight for the uniform of the athletes but nor for their performance and play. Bikinis have buzzed the media with controversial questions where people question on the dress chosen by the players. The main reasons why athletes prefer to wear bikinis during volley ball matches at Olympics is simple and absolutely rational. It is mostly because the players find themselves comfortable to play in bikinis than in full sleeves or tank tops. It does not define any fad statement but it is purely about comfort and that they want to.
  • The athletes are also allowed to wear full sleeves or shorts and tank tops but women generally prefer bikinis since it does not allow the sand to stick around their bodies which can get uncomfortable and thus disturb the game.
  • Volleyball athletes do not view the bikinis as fashionable apparel but consider it just as a uniform. There has been news reported that players were allowed to wear a swimsuit or long sleeves tops apart from bikinis to make the dress code more liberal from their cultural and religious aspects. Also, Women athletes swore to bikinis at the RIO Olympics due to the extreme heat of the climate. It made them more comfortable to play the match in the two-piece rather than in long sleeves being all sweaty!
  • Volleyball at Olympics has not laid any stringent rules or norms about mandatory uniforms for the players but it is liberal and open. Women can choose from a bikini, long or short sleeves or a tank top but the players in both the teams must wear identical uniforms. Hence bikinis or any other dress for women athletes at Volley ball is a choice and not a requirement.

Many players have admitted the fact that during beach volleyball the temperature shoots up to 100 degree plus which is extremely hot and scorching. Hence, they find it easy and comfortable to pick a bikini rather than a long sleeve or tank top and shorts just like the best women’s volleyball shoes here which provide comfort while playing.

This is solely confirm to the comfort level and not any attempt of charming. They can also wear long sleeves or tank tops depending on their choice. Public should be liberal and hold a rational and educated outlook to understand that a bikini is a perfect sports fit when it comes to bear the heat and sand while playing an Olympic match.

Choosing The Best Dash Cam For Your Car

We have always believed the proper way in choosing the right car dash cam for you is not about the brand but the features and specification of the unit. Some of the factors that you will consider is the coverage, power source, resolution, memory, size and budget.


Coverage – most car dash cameras are forward facing. But you always have the option for a secondary camera that can be mounted inside for a cabin view or at the back for a rear view. The good thing for cabin cameras is that everything inside the car is recorded where some have used the recordings in clearing themselves of false accusations of using a mobile phone while driving. Rear dash cams are quite effective in recording especially in a rear end accident.

Internal Power Source – you can either choose battery or capacitor. But you should take note as these are not meant to run your unit. Instead they only function if primary power fails. All dash cam operates on a 12volt power. Batteries are common in cheaper units. However, they are prone to the wear and tear of frequent charging and discharging of the unit and they are not adaptable to extreme heat. Capacitors are more adapted to hot environments so this is a good consideration if you are living in this kind of condition.

Resolution – do you need 720p, 1080p, 1269p or higher? We highly recommend that you get a full HD camera where it can be very useful in making out the details during a playback. Most of the cameras are 720p or you can choose a HD cam with 1080p. The latest models out in the market have a resolution of 1269p or higher. Just remember, the higher the resolution the better the recordings will be.

Memory Capacity and Memory Cards – you must take note of this as some cameras does not come with a memory card. Most of the problem occurs in buying a memory card where confusion sets in what kind of memory card will you buy. You should note that some cameras can only support up to 32GB while high end models can go as high as 128GB. You should also consider the class rating of a memory card where some are not suited for HD recording.

Size – some dash cameras are compact and do not have a touchscreen which can be subtly mounted and hidden. Some units that have larger touchscreens requires space in your windshield. So, it is up to your desired specification in choosing the right size.

GPS capability – cameras with this feature have a dual function with speed overlay. This can be very useful in tracking your direction and speed. But you will need software to embed the data in the video as most of the GPS’ and speed data needs to be hardcoded.

Lastly, on the price. We recommend to determine first your budget and work on what the specification is. But it is good to note that car dash cams range from £50 up to £500 or more. The trick here is to check different sellers to get the best dash cam uk, as some cameras are known to fluctuate in price to as high as £150. The cheapest model should not be your primary choice as most buyers who bought the cheapest units end up buying another unit with upgraded features and higher specification.

Top 5 Free Apps to Watch Movies on iOS

Movies are the favorite past time activity for almost all humans. Be it horror, romantic, comedic or thrillers – everyone like to enjoy good scenes in their free time. In a world where everything is going online, now even you can watch your favorite films online via streaming or through mobile apps on your smartphone. Here are the top 5 free applications which allow you to watch Hollywood films on your iOS devices:


Top 5 free applications to watch Movies:

Movie Box App for iPhone

The MovieBox App for iPhone is one of the best apps available on the iOS App Store if you want to watch movies for free. This mobile application allows you to download and watch a number of super-hit, classic and retro cinema films across many different languages free of cost. These are able in a number of genres and you can even download them to your device to view them later on.

Bobby Movie Box

Another mobile application which is only available for iOS users is the Bobby Movie Box. This application allows you to watch all your favorite films and TV shows from all over the world in high definition quality. With a very friendly and attractive user interface, the users will be easily able to navigate the app to find what they are looking for. The app only has a single downside – commercial ads. These ads are displayed by the developer to help them generate an extra revenue.

Playbox HD App for iOS

One of the most popular free movie streaming apps is the Playbox HD mobile application for the iOS devices. This free app allows the users to stream and download films in high definition. You can also watch a number of TV Serials and other videos besides films on this application. You can find a number of different genres of films available on it in a number of different languages.

MegaboxHD and Movie HD

Movie HD or Megabox HD ( also allows you to watch your favorite latest and old movies via online streaming or by downloading them onto your smartphone. This app contains a wide variety of movies across various different categories and genres in a number of different languages. The long range of languages and diverse film list makes sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this app no matter where they live. This mobile application contains films across various different genres including horror, thrillers, romantic, comedy and sit-coms.


Crackle currently has over 25 million users using it and is one of the best applications to watch online content on. You can easily watch TV Serials and videos on it although it is very famous for the wide range of movies it contains. It also allows you to cast the full length Hollywood movies and other content on the app to your Television via the Google chromecast. Also, you can save it on your playlist and watch them at a later time whenever you are free.